Conceived, developed and tested by Dominique Vinci, the “United Colors of D. Vinci” are an assortment of neon dyes which can be used when assembling the ceramic part of the prosthesis.
Only a very small amount need be mixed with the ceramic to give it an intense colour. By allocating a different colour to each ceramic mass percentage, it becomes easy to view accurately where each mass is located.
Through their plastic consistency, the dyes prevent the different ceramic masses from mixing.  When fired, United Colors of D. Vinci do not leave a residue and do not affect the ceramic prosthesis.

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The special shape of our milling machines results in a very precise cut and a high shine surface. To preserve this shine, we use a diamond polishing paste while avoiding the ceramic glaze.

The many mill blades can make micro-cuts in the material, allowing the most delicate areas to be retouched without causing fractures to the dental restorations. The mills do not overheat the surface material, avoiding micro-cracks.

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Today, we use Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) daily. In particular, it enables us to better plan each patient case, with the help of virtual-Mock-up techniques and other surgery guides. The quality of our machines allows us to produce increasingly accurate components that are 100% inactive in a large range of materials (zirconia, titanium, Emax, Pekton, PMMA, composite, etc.).